We at Beautiful Losers Magazine are issuing a writing contest on the advent of our first PDF issue. Considering recent events, there isn’t a more apt theme for us to begin with than “Beautiful Losers”. Part our own namesake and part tribute to the late Leonard Cohen, the contest theme is meant to highlight what it means to be a beautiful loser. Spoken word poet Shane Koyczan explained it best in his poem “To This Day”:

We were freaks
Lobster claw boys and bearded ladies
Juggling depression and loneliness playing solitaire spin the bottle
Trying to kiss the wounded parts of ourselves and heal
But at night
While the others slept
We kept walking the tightrope

Winners will be announced on February 22nd, 2017 and our three prize winners and two honorable mentions will be published in our next issue, due out on March 1st, 2017.

Contest Details

The Rules: Compose a short story on the topic of “Beautiful Losers”. Our only rule is that your entry must be under 3000 words, otherwise feel free to elaborate on this theme in whichever fashion you feel will make the most compelling entry.

The Winner: The winning entry will have the following qualities: exceptional attention to literary craft; an intelligent understanding of the psychology of the character/s; and a clear link to the theme.

Judges: All finalists will be chosen by the Staff of Beautiful Losers Magazine. Three finalists will be submitted to the final round of voting. The order of winners will be determined by the Staff of Beautiful Losers Magazine. All decisions regarding contest winners are final.


1st Prize: $100
2nd Prize: $50
3rd Prize: $25
2 Honorable Mentions: $10 each

Entry Fee: Entering the contest is free, unless you would like to send multiple submissions. If you would like to enter more than one story for our contest, a charge of $10 will be applied, paid through PayPal on our website. These payments are used to directly help fund our magazine and contest. Please state the name of your story as a reason for payment.
If you fail to pay the multiple submissions fee, all of your submissions will be invalidated.

Deadline: All submissions must be received by January 15th, 2017. THE CONTEST DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED – You can now submit your work until February 15th, 2017.

Notifications: Beautiful Losers Magazine will keep a log of our Top 5 stories. If your story falls out of the Top 5, we will notify you via a rejection letter. In that situation, you have the opportunity to resubmit for the $10 fee.

Rights: All rights revert back to the author upon publication.

Submission Guidelines: All entries should be submitted between November 16th, 2016 and February 15th, 2017.
Entries can be emailed to Please start the subject of your email with “CONTEST:” followed by your name and the title of your story. All entries must be written in the body of an email, as attachments will receive automatic rejections. Multiple stories can be submitted at one time.

No simultaneous submissions or previously published stories are allowed. If your story was simultaneously submitted to another magazine / website or previously published, you will become ineligible for the contest and your entry prize shall be forfeited.

By submitting your entry, you are acknowledging that you are the sole author of the work and it has not been previously published, including on blogs, websites, social media, or elsewhere. By submitting, you agree to all contest rules.